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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $100.00 - $3,995.00
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Artist Statement

I use color in a reduced limited palette of very low intensities, as I believe it represents a realistic view of both the subject matter and of life itself, while simultaneously making a comment about contemporary society. Color, as amazing, dazzling, and beautiful as it is, sometimes masks our outlook and perceptions of truth.  By using opposite hues of green and red, color is brought together in a harmonious relationship. The world is not black and white, nor is it multicolor and high-definition. Life is shades of gray, and I believe my style of painting defines those values. Nevertheless, there is an important role for color to play in the subtle contrasts of warm and cool tones.  The color is implicit.  It teases, whispers to the viewers the longer they look at my paintings.
-Dennis Simmons
Select Juried Exhibitions and Competitions
2017   Long Beach Open Studio Tour
2016   Art Exchange, Long Beach -  "Holiday Salon" 
2015   Forest and Ocean Gallery – “Coast to Coast” Exhibition – Laguna Plein Air Painters
            University Art Museum, CSULB – “Insights” Annual Exhibition
            Max L. Gatov Gallery, CSULB – “Liminal” Drawing & Painting BFA Exhibition
2014   Randy Higbee Gallery – “Urban Beauty” Exhibition
            Loft Studios & Art Gallery [...]

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