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When I was young, I received a John Gnagy “Learn to Draw” instruction book with charcoals. It focused on how light and shadow acted on four basic 3D shapes. And, how you could find these shapes in every natural object of real life. It was rudimentary compared to the sophisticated “chiaroscuro” (light and shade) of Rembrandt, Sargent, Homer, and the great masters. However, it opened up a whole new world for me. I began to see with an artist’s eye.
After that, I was always drawing something. A teacher caught me doodling, liked what I was doing and had me teach the whole class. The recognition added to the pleasure of expressing art. That’s all it took. I was hooked.
In Jr High School they regularly excused me from class to work on school art projects. In high school I discovered oil painting. I’ve had a keen interest in art and engaged locally all my life.
My career was in architecture and design. Now that I am retired, the desire to immerse in art is paramount.
My instruction included: Dilleen Marsh as personal mentor, College course work under Del Parson, and associations with a number of local professionals. Workshop participation with Kathryn Statts and Linda Glover Gooch was a wonderful hands-on experience. To be able to watch all these wonderful artists go through the paces of their successful techniques is so very enlightening. In addition, I’ve studied instructional videos by Matt Smith, Scott Christiansen, Quang Ho and a great many other notable professionals. Occasionally I paint Plein Aire with the Kolob Paintiing Society: studying the work of Brad Holt, Arlene Braithwaithe, and Mary Jabens. All of this, along with opportunities to study the great works of the most gifted master artists, provides an ample inspiration to draw [...]

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