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For me, art is simply the expression of how we interact with the world we live in... an expression that can take many forms throughout one's life. For several years now I've been exploring, in reading, discussions, meditation and my artwork, the concept of personal identity. It seems to be even a global question these days. Immigrants leave their birthplace and struggle with new identities in foreign lands. People born of one sex find they relate better to that of the opposite. We each have multiple responsibilities and maybe wear many hats over the course of our days and lives. Does our mind contain a sense of a static identity throughout? Or do we flow from one identity to the next? What does "Identity" really mean in the context of who we are?
I believe we live in a more fluid spectrum. In fact, it seems that most of life is contained within a fluid sense of 'dynamic' rather than 'static' states. Change is everywhere and even we... ourselves... are not the same from day to day. The process... and that is the core of life's experience....the process....of living and practicing art.. changes me, helps define who I am becoming as well as the person I was yesterday. I've been working with graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic but mostly oil these past 19 years. My many art teachers have included the wonderful, Angela Johal, the intense and funny, Leo Cuervo and a long list of short-term teachers, including David Gray, David Kassan, Juliet Aristedes, and many more. Each have taught me much about the process of making art... what could be better?

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