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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures"
-Henry Ward Beecher


Denise Madsen Williams
Growing up in countries all over the world, I credit my father, who captured his love for beauty through photography, for instilling in me a passion and love for our spectacular world. As a young girl, our family might be driving along and my father would suddenly stop the car and shout with amazement about the stunning colors of a sunset. If he had his camera he would of course jump out for a picture. Probably the most memorable moment was in downtown Honolulu. We were walking down the street between some very tall buildings. He got the idea that if he laid down on the sidewalk, he could capture a most unusual perspective looking straight up. So he did! We were all quite embarrassed and kept walking as if we didn't know him. However today there is not a day that goes by that I am not thrilled by a sunset, or a particular shape of leaf, or the light bouncing off the water or off of my grandchild's hair.
Growing up, my family lived in Utah, Colorado, Ethiopia and Egypt and traveled to 30 or so countries. After marriage, my husband, Clayt and I have lived in California, New York and Utah while raising 6 children.  We have since had the joy of adding 19 grandchildren. I have enjoyed being a vocal soloist and private voice teacher as well as performing in musical theatre. Along with many joyful experiences and opportunities in my life I have also gone through cancer twice and lost a five-year-old son. As a vocal soloist, it became clear to me that my life's experiences deepened the way I was able to feel the music and communicate with audiences.  As I have pursued oil painting, all of these experiences, along with my relationship with [...]

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