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The Artist Says:

My art reflects my love and respect of nature.


Denise is proud to claim the title of  “Native Texan” and has spent most of her life close to the areas of Lake Texoma and the Red River.   As a young girl she loved the outdoors and spent many days exploring wooded areas, meadows, and the creeks close to her home. She became adept at catching Horned toads, observing wildlife, and studying the natural surroundings.   
It was always a thrill to spy a deer in hiding or break into a meadow and watch the in-flight acrobatics of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers.  When the sun began to set in the evenings she would listen to the calls of “Bob White” quails, and watch the fireflies that would make her ordinary backyard seem to sparkle with moving pinpoints of light.
Denise is saddened that many of these animals are now gone from our area -never again to be seen, tracked, or listened to by today’s younger generation.  Her paintings are her way of sharing these wonders and hopefully to encourage more interest in the natural environment.
Denise is self-taught artist, only taking up the paint brush upon retirement from nursing a few years ago.  But she has dabbled in art for most of her life: sketches, sculptures and pottery.  
Denise has served for the last 4 years on the Board of Directors of the Richardson Civic Arts Society.

Denise Weeren invites you to view nature the way she sees it….
    With color, movement, excitement or relaxation, but always with the realization that something lives and thrives in each landscape.

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