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Art is the soul of the world - Denise Marie Stoot 


Dutch artist from Amsterdam, Denise Marie Stoot, spent her formative years in the Netherlands and the South of France. After receiving a masters in international tax and finance from Harvard University, she joined the Manhattan practice of White & Case as an international corporate tax attorney. Working around the clock, she started to crave color to counterbalance the tan walls of her office. She began to look at art in galleries close to her office and hide stacks of Vogue magazines under her desk. One night while out in the Hamptons, she met the legendary pop artist James Rizzi, whose work she had followed and they struck up a friendship. She started to help him paint his large drawings on canvas and he noticed she was a true colorist like himself. He advised her to attend the Art Students League of New York, where 'all the famous artists' had gone to refine their skills.
On her first day she made two large colorfield paintings simultaneously, "freedom is in the mind's eye" and "amazon ray" and she was sold to the art of painting ever since. For the next 10 years she would study abstract expressionistic painting with the renowned Lyrical Abstraction artist, Ronnie Landfield. He noticed her complete lack of knowledge of art history but when each week her paintings reminded him of preceding painters, he started to bring in books for her to study. A new world opened for her when she found out she had painted similar paintings to the ones already painted by the many great abstract painters of the 20th century, Mitchell, Hofmann, Kline, Appel, de Kooning, Krasner, Pollock, Rothko, Olitski, Frankenthaler, Poons, Pousette-Dart and many more. Ronnie encouraged her to keep painting and see what narrative would arise. He said: "you may have studied to be a lawyer, but you [...]

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