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I work from my own or a client's photographic reference, in a painterly realism style.  Photography is my hobby, and I use my hobby to fuel my passion of painting in oil.   As a new artist I began painting a wide variety of subjects, until I went to photograph some cows for reference.  This was the most peaceful, sweet experience, and I enjoyed the variety of their reactions to me lurking about at the edge of their field with my camera.  First one notices, then gets up and slowly walks toward me, then the rest begin to follow each in their own time.  The herd mentality, it's really interesting!  There is that feeling I get being with them and looking into their eyes, which of course never fails to bring a smile to my face.  This is what I draw from when I paint in the studio, the feeling and experience of actually being there.   My goal is for you to see and feel something special. About working from photographs, it really has taken me years to learn to see all of the details as they really are, and be able to give what I see in that two dimensional photograph the volume and dimension that an oil painting can have.  Done right it looks like you can reach out and touch them, or like they are breathing on you.
Whether I am working from a photo I took or one of a clients treasured memories, my goal is always to breathe that life into the final work of art.

Collectors Say:

"I received your painting yesterday. I love it! I get more enjoyment out of your picture each time I look at it. What a gift you have."
"I think you really captured the cow in the painting"
"Denise, got the painting this afternoon----we really, really love it. You captured the light and shadows so perfectly. Glad I bought it!"
Here are a few comments from buyers
"Very happy!!!!!!!!!!"I love your work, The paintings are breathtaking. I have seen many paintings and none of them grabbed my attention and made me want to look at them. Thanks for your website it is like a breath of fresh air."
"You are awesome!!! We love our cattle and your paintings show you love them too"
"We raise and show registered Hereford cattle. Your paintings catch the character of cattle that I have never seen and unless you know cattle I don't think you can truly appreciate your talent! We can not wait to hang your painting in our home."
"OH MY GOD!!!! I can't believe how perfect the painting looks so life like, ... your quite amazing."
"Exquisite painting! Whole family loves this treasure you've created. Thank you!"


Pictured on left: The artist and Hereford cow painting "Stand By Me"  36"x72"
A native of San Diego, Denise began painting in oil over twenty years ago.  Her focus since 2004 has been cows and cattle.  In 2006 Denise received a commission for the California Milk Advisory Board to paint their famous Happy Cows of the Real California Milk campaign.  This led to becoming The Official Happy Cow Artist, (as seen on their website from 2007-2010 , along with the six paintings that resulted from photographs Denise took at the filming of two of their television commercials in Northern California.)Denise takes her own photographs as reference for her paintings, and draws from the field experience while referencing the photo at the easel.  The creative process begins with framing the subject through the camera lens, then it is translated through the artist's eyes in a "painterly realism" style that satisfies a desire for a realistic, accurate portrayal, with expressive brush strokes, resulting in contemporary paintings of cows that have great presence in all decor from country to formal.   In addition to the United States and Canada, Denise has clients in various countries worldwide, including the UK, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.Artist's StatementI am frequently asked two things, if I always wanted to be an artist, and why cows?I don't think an artist is created from desire, but an artist naturally has the desire to create, which in my case is overwhelming.  From there it's what we do with that desire to create that makes our personal statement in the art world. I was unexpectedly drawn to cows when I first viewed them as a subject for a painting.  It only took one visit with the local Holstein herd to realize there was something special, they were not just a 'herd' of cattle, [...]

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