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I paint full time on the west coast of Canada, in close proximity to the remains of the world’s largest temperate rainforests.  It is central to my practice that this natural powerhouse is literally within sight of the city in which my studio is located, and that pockets of the raw and primeval can still be found within a journey of a day or two.
My work acknowledges the deep and complex connection that Canadians have with the muscular landscape of their nation.  There is an affinity between my practice and the theory of biophilia, which proposes that humans are inherently drawn to nature to seek coherence in the existence that they share with other life forms:  From this perspective, non-human living things stand with us, not below us, as participants in the mystery of life.  There are no subordinate journeys. 
Increasingly I find also that my practice is driven by solastalgia:  a foreboding sense of distress arising from impending massive changes to our planet's climate.  Art is pre-linguistic and is sometimes conceived of as humanity's oldest way to address fear and come to terms with powers much greater than ourselves.  To my mind, anything that moves us towards a respectful relationship with the natural world merits the attention of any right-thinking citizen of our dear Earth.
My current work focuses on using the trees, roots and stumps of the coastal rainforest iconically, as archetypes or symbols that humans have long used as conceptual portals to understanding the nature of themselves and the world.  The intent is to capture an actuality that is worthy of consideration, with a view to encouraging viewers to perceive resonance and meaning.  I have focused on trees because elements of their structure have such remarkable expressive range and individuation.  
I favour the communicative power of intense colour, and [...]

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