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Denise D. Croft has been expressing herself through art since she was a young girl.  She attended Arcadia University from 1979-1981, studying representational drawing, painting, and other foundational art subjects. After leaving Arcadia, she settled in Burlington County, NJ with her husband, Kurt. While raising their  5 children, she stayed active in her artistic endeavors; continuing her education through small group instruction,  Denise received lessons in portraiture from Diane Rapissi, as well as lessons  in oil & watercolors from Valerie Smith Pope. She uses traditional methods of drawing and painting to capture the beauty and essence of scenes that inspire her. She paints a variety of subject matter including: still life, interior, seascape, landscape, portrait and figurative scenes.Subject matter and lighting are the elements in a scene that initially intrigue her. Besides accepting commissions for portraits, she exhibits in art shows, and teaches representational drawing and painting to adults and teens. To inquire about commissioned paintings or lessons please feel free to connect with the artist through the contact page.
                                                                                     Artist's Statement
Art has been a source of self-expression for me as far back as I can remember.
Along with the peace and satisfaction I experience in the process of creating, I desire to evoke a sense of serenity and personal connection for the viewer.
I create art in oils and in watercolors.
I am inspired by an intuitive response to a person, place or group of objects in which lighting, gesture, and color come together compelling me to make my best attempt to tell the story as I experience it.
Using traditional methods of drawing and painting, I work in a straightforward style. I use color discriminately in order to evoke a sense of truth about the scene or subject matter without forfeiting a feeling of fluidity and gracefulness.
There are so many facets to the ordinary [...]

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