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"As an artist something sparks an idea, so you grab all of your tools and begin work. You sketch it out, take photos, go to the places or look for the people to get your concept or idea down. You research in books, magazines, internet to see all aspects of your idea. Then it may all go in a totally different direction once the paint is actually going on to the canvas. This is magic! It seems to always go the way it needs to. You just can’t plan that. God takes over. “It feels automatic in the sense that you are not really in control of the paint. You no longer dictate what happens. It is totally natural and flows out of you without being conscious of where the next brushstroke will take you. From this you step back and see what is apparent within the work. Suddenly the subject or theme appears from the overlapping brushwork. Awesome!”

Collectors Say:

"I wanted to personally thank you for not only taking time to paint such a magnificent piece for us, but also for your generosity and your thoughtfulness..." ~Araceli
"If I could take your beautiful painting with me to show family in Spain, I would have. We received it right before our departure and I cannot tell you how much act of your kindness has stuck with me... Your painting will live in our home and in the homes of our children for generations to come..." ~Drew
"Your work is beautiful and amazes me with such talent..." ~Paula
"I've never noticed an exhibit before that captured my attention...Yours does...I'm overwhelmed with emotion..." ~Posey

Other Artists Say:

"WOW, beautiful work..." ~Jane
"So much talent, there are no words..." ~Herb
"Can I give you a hug?" ~Carol


My art is my identity, my reality. It’s how I relate to life. It’s how I translate my experiences through color, shape, words and media. I find myself within each painting. The desire and drive has given me a purpose. It’s always been the art in me that makes me authentic to myself. My goal is to be relevant, to radiate acceptance and understanding.
I've always been on the verge of something. Wondering when I'll finally cross that threshold into what I'm almost ready to do. Just when I feel it, I get hit with a change that sends me in a different direction. Perhaps one might think its sabotage, but I think it just wasn't right for me. I was somewhat finished with that and then I find there's something else even better...
My studio was an upstairs storage room. I would go up and frantically start laying out color onto the blank canvases to get rid of the white staring me down. My "Guardian Angel" piece was a breakthrough painting. All else suggested a developing style but this one resonated my new journey. My plans all went out the door and I found myself overrun by a force pulling me to paint. I would come downstairs unable to see. All was blurry and halos formed around my peripheral vision. After painting 32 pieces in less than 3 months, I needed to take a break. Senior show was suddenly ready. My Professors were stunned to say the least. It was then discovered how driven I was and they were the first to call me a "visionary artist".
Most of my work is a combination of modern contemporary abstract with a visionary representation. This means I put a lot of color on the canvas randomly and then I step back and see things in [...]

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