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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.delmusphelps.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Great High School Art Teachers got the ball rolling.

  • Self taught with reading every book available in my Public Library.

  • A few influences from Vangelis Andriotakis, William Alexander, Alexia Antonov, Cory Huff to name a few.

  • Price Range: $35.00 - $5,000.00

The Artist Says:

Like most artists, I've always been better communicating visually (through my paintings ) than with words.  But I'll try to give you a little insight into what drives me.
Things of beauty.  It's just that simple.

I create my paintings out of need.  It's not something I have much choice with.  Painting is my drug.  When I'm not painting, I'm grumpy, irritable, distant and moody.  When painting, I'm in my element.  All is right with the world. 
It makes me feel whole and human.
I feel my work has a great importance to it also. It forces us to stop and take a look at the beauty that surrounds us every where.  To allow light and color to touch that part of us that says we are alive, and that these fleeting moments shown in my work can be forever captured on the canvas. 
To be enjoyed over and over when we need to have a few moments of peace and joy.
My inspiration comes and flows naturally.  I see images all the time that I make note of to put to canvas. 
Many ideas I don't have time for at the present, but are cataloged in my mind and my art journal for future work. 

Collectors Say:

Lisa Kingsley on May 18, 2016

"The painting is just lovely. Delmus was very accommodating in all aspects of our transaction. Willing to find a frame in the exact size that I was looking for, sort out the shipping to Canada for me and paint the most beautiful work of art. The painting was perfectly packaged. This was a very satisfying purchase and I would not hesitate to recommend Delmus to anyone looking for a beautiful painting to add to their home."

Brian Bildson on May 18, 2016

"A well done piece of art that delighted the recipient. Delmus was prompt and professional and shipped quickly. The painting was very well packaged and arrived safely. Thanks Delmus"

Cheryl Jarvis

"Absolutely gorgeous! This is my second painting by Delmus Phelps, and they are even better in person. Plus terrific customer service, great safe packing, and FAST shipping! I will be buying more. Thank you!!"

Karen Murphy

"Delmus was so fantastic to work with! He created a completely custom painting just off of pictures I sent him-and the detail he captured was dead on! He was tirelessly patient as we adjusted the layout and colors to be exactly right. It looks even better in person than on the screen! I cannot say enough how wonderful of a job he did. I would highly recommend him for any custom work and will hope to find cause to use him again! Thank you!"

Dana-Ann Sliva

"The paintings I purchased from Delmus are absolutely stunning--even better in person! Thank you, Delmus, you're as talented as you are kind."

Gillian Leng

"Absolutely gorgeous, realistic rendering of a lovely African Violet. The execution is beautiful and the artist packed and shipped this painting so that it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!!"

Sondra Sheridan

"This is utterly THE most awesome painting I have ever seen! And, to think I now own it! Truly, I am in awe of your work Delmus. What a pleasure it is to work with you!!!! A buyer and fan for life ~Sondra"

Anne Marie Doherty

"I am very pleased with both the quality of the work and the ease of the transaction. Delivery was prompt and I even received an email from Delmus making sure the painting arrived safely and that I was happy with my purchase. I will definitely consider pruchasing again from Delmus Phelps!!!"

Madeline Mishkind

"Delmus Phelps was wonderful to purchase from. His art is even better in person and he was so fast to ship the painting. I would buy from him again in a heart beat. Thank you!"

Sue Breedlove

"An amazing still life. I'm so lucky to look at it every day. Thanks."


You've just come in the door, you've had a hard day at work. Having picked up the kids, they are busying themselves with play before homework time. Your husband called, he's running late so dinner is all on you. You just need a few minutes of down time to think about what to fix.
As you sink down into your comfy chair, your eyes drift up to see..... the painting. Its soft colors, the flowing petals moving across the canvas like soft wave action on the ocean. Your thoughts drift to times when you've tended your own garden and marveled at the beauty of nature. You begin to relax.
Your blood pressure lowers, and stress begins to disappear. You feel better and a little re-charged to handle the rest of the evening tending to those you love, your family.
Studies have shown, viewing art does in fact do these things for you. (*site references at bottom of page*).   When you fill your home with beautiful art IT WILL enrich your life and help keep you healthy.
Having been creating art for over 40 years, my own tastes have changed over the years, and my art has changed a little too.  No extremes, just a subtle shift here and there. 
Here's a short video on the "why" I paint what I paint.  I hope it lifts your spirits as much as it does mine everyday I step into my studio.

Here's a short video put together concerning how art makes you feel, and why. 
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