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When Dee signed up for a beginning art class in 2002, she fulfilled a long-time desire to learn to paint watercolors.  She had an early interest in visual art while growing up in the beautiful lake country of Minnesota, but ultimately received her degree in music.  She has spent her professional life as a fine artist, performing and teaching music, and for the last decade as a watercolor artist, creating luminous, vibrant transparent paintings.  Her works are representational in style, inspired by sunlight and shadows, and filled with color.
"I've always loved beautiful watercolors, so when I began painting, there was never a question about which medium I would pursue.  The thoughtful process of glazing transparent layers of paint to create beautiful, complex colors was appealing to me.  I use this method often, but also enjoy the excitement of letting the transparent paint mix on wet paper.  Watercolor can be a challenge; the water-transported paint seems to have a mind of its own, but that's what makes it infinitely interesting and satisfying.  I strive to capture the beauty of the subject, not necessarily exactly what I see, but what I want to see, and to express the emotion that I feel."  
Living in Alaska for many years, the beautiful scenery provided inspiration for Dee's mountain landscapes, snow scenes and florals.  After a recent move to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, she enjoys capturing the beauty of the Southwest.  She is an award-winning, signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society(TWS) and the Alaska Watercolor Society(AKWS).

From the early morning sun filtering through the fog on a Texas pasture, to the long shadows of birch trees reaching across the Alaska snow at sunset, light in its many forms is what inspires me.  The subjects of my paintings vary; my emotional reaction to light [...]

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