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Hi, and welcome to my website!
I am Dee Sanchez and I live and work in the beautiful village of Alameda, New Mexico.
I am a plein air painter but sometimes you can catch me in the studio.
My real love is painting the landscape of New Mexico.
I started drawing when I was just a wee girl.
We grew up right next door to our grandparents and a roaring little creek.
I explored to my heart's content, especially flora and fauna, and the flowing water.
I would sit amongst the iris, poppies, and roses. I would take the flowers and twigs
apart to see how they worked and would want to recreate them in drawings.
Both of my grandmothers were avid gardeners and I think I have some of that
gardening magic in my soul.
Today I have no time to garden but I love throwing fantastic art parties and inviting
all of my collectors, friends, and family, to join in the festivities.
Please follow me here, and on facebook. instagram, and http://dailypaintworks.com

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