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Deena's love of nature, science and art comes together when she paints outside. She is a student of nature who is constantly amazed at the natural world. She paints to help others see, respect, and conserve the beauty in our natural world.
Seek the sacred within the ordinary. Seek the remarkable within the commonplace.   R. Nachman
Teaching Artist Statement - 
Recently a student in one of my adult beginning watercolor classes sent me an email detailing how when unpacking their groceries they were struck by the vibrant hues and textures of their weekly vegetables. They were so moved by the play of light through the kitchen window and their new-found appreciation of color, that they started a painting of the produce that afternoon. Art is all around us, and we are all artists when we open our eyes to the beauty in our surroundings. Throughout my thirty plus years of teaching experience, that is the message that I strive to impart to all of my students. Through my own work with experimental watercolors I present the viewer with the beauty and fragility of our natural landscape. In my paintings, I am constantly testing new materials and techniques, incorporating textural elements such as gesso, and trying different types of paper. In the classroom whether working with paint, clay, or recycled materials I encourage students to engage in outside-the-box thinking and reimagine how their materials might be used to create art. I have experience teaching the full range of art mediums, including print making and graphic design, but I am most at home teaching drawing and painting. I enjoy teaching a wide range of ages, from toddlers to adults, and I have experience working with specialized populations including adults suffering from traumatic brain injuries, students with autism spectrum disorder, and disadvantaged youth. Students depart my classes [...]

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