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Art is my life's passion better shared than alone!

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                         Art is my soulful life journey, more beautiful shared than a journey alone
Dee Kirkham is an accomplished artist, living in the foothills of the Lake Tahoe National Forest in Nevada and has been flourishing as a distinguished fine arts oil painter for over 40 years.  Her exceptional talent in still life, figurative and plein air has put her in the forefront of the American Art Scene, won her many awards, and given her the opportunity to share her passion with students.  Her motto is “Art is my God given passion and journey – more fulfilling and beautiful shared than alone”.
Learning from a very early age, her creative influence was inspired under the auspices of her father, who was an accomplished artist, musician and published lyricist which extended personal relationships for Dee to experience the art of Peter Hurd, Henriette and Michael Wyeth.  Dee is trained in the Old Dutch Masters style of painting with mentors such as the legendary David Leffell and Sherrie McGraw which led her to the opportunity to expand her studies at The New York Student’s Art League.  Her plein air training has been greatly influenced most notably by Jacqueline Kamin, Greg Kruetz, Kevin MacPherson, John Cosby, and John Budicin, as well as many others.  Dee is also an accomplished figurative artist with mentors Michelle Dunaway, Jeremy Lipking and Joe Todorovich.  Dee feels that the lessons learned were vital to her career and she continually strives “to always have my paintings resonate an emotion from within the viewer”.
Capturing the essence with her unique ability, Dee’s chiaroscuro and alla prima style of painting instills an abstract realism to capture the light and shadows as well as an intriguing unique style that makes her paintings valued by many collectors.  The connection between art and life is fundamental to her philosophy and [...]

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