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Dee Bailey strives to reconnect viewers with nature. Interested in pushing the boundaries of two dimensional art by fusing painting and sculpture, she has been developing techniques for sculptural painting with oil-based clay and modelling media since 2013. She aims to refresh landscape and wildlife painting genres, while adding in hints of surrealism. 
In July 2019 Dee was selected as the artist in residence in Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, where she camped and worked out of a wall tent studio in nature. She held a solo show in September 2019 with the works from a summer of working outdoors. For two months in 2018 she attended the NES Artist Residency in Northern Iceland. The large residency focuses on artist collaborations often dealing with nature and light. In 2017 Dee was selected to participate in the Canada C3 voyage as an artist on board a research ice breaker vessel travelling Canada's coastlines. Her artwork from the voyage is now published in Canada C3: Connecting Canadians Coast to Coast to Coast. In the fall of 2015, she attended an artist’s residency in Vallauris, France at a clay facility to learn 3D modelling techniques. 
Dee completed fine art and biology studies in Alberta, Canada. In 2010 Dee moved to the Yukon in Northern Canada and fell in love with the landscapes and vast nature. She is a member of the Yukon Artists at Work Co-operative ([email protected]). Her art can be found at the [email protected] Gallery, Gallery Aqui Siam Ben, at Arts Underground and at the Pacific Arts Market Vancouver online store.

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