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Debra Myers (b. 1965, USA) 
Beauty is something I find difficult to define, not because it is difficult to find or identify, but because beauty is found everywhere—not just visually, but in every aspect of existence.  It is the way sunlight seems magnified through the seed-head of a dandelion, how a flock of Cedar Waxwings gently peep in a tree overhead, and when a warm breeze pushes the heavy and sweet scent of orange blossoms through an open window. I especially like how it shows up in cracked layers of paint on an old truck hood or in deep lines etched in a face aged by the sun and wind.
These days, when not working, I make time to wander along trails and near the edges of streams and ponds examining the minutiae of life in its abundance and beauty, or sit in silence on my patio observing a whole world of wildlife that lives in my garden. Life with all its vibrancy and vitality is worth examining from a place of still wonder. And life necessarily includes that which has been used up, worn out and dying, too. These things offer a patina and texture that cannot be found in the newly formed, even while existing side-by-side. 
In the last few years, I have experienced divorce, homelessness, the loss of loved ones, the loss of hopes and dreams, and also generosity, kindness, passion, unconditional love - all coalescing into a profound sense of a life lived and fully felt exactly as it is, the dance of tears, laughter, silence, singing. And with all of this I have found a new direction in my art, a commitment to pursue it, access to professional teachers and feedback, new friendships, healing, joy in living.
Today I layer the old and the new, chaos and order, texture and [...]

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