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I am a self-experimenting artist living in Le Claire, Iowa. My husband and I and our two children have made this little town our home since 1974, which overlooks the Mississippi River.
For years I have searched through literature and books for artistic composition and styles of paintings, only to find I already had my own unique style. Some of my painting references and inspiration come from photographing the country side or mountain regions when we travel. Books of south western areas are always my "go to"  for referencing  those rich earthy colors and textures. I'm always looking for the chance to take my paintings to the next level. This is one of my life time journeys to pursue.
One might describe my work as realistic paintings with a slant towards an abstract background. You can recognize my work by the strong earthy colors. Though my painted vessels are mere inanimate objects, I paint them with shapes and colors, often with motifs that speak of their origin, and or their geographical location across America.
My first memorable experience in the arts came with a pencil drawing of a Robin while in the third grade of which I opted out of my recess time in order to stay inside and draw!  As my childhood years began to progress through the stages I was fortunate to receive lessons in the art of dance and piano instruction. Little did I know these would be the beginning lessons in applying movement and balance to my present day paintings.
I first began working with inks and watercolors,  staying mostly with images of barn scenes and Indian still life. I worked through the many stages of cross hatching and stippling with permanent inks, over laying them with water color paints. My desire to improve in the perspective qualities of my work  lead me to what has become my favorite. Acrylic's on canvas.
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