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Debra is originally from Columbus, Ohio.  At an early age, her family moved to the small community of North Oaks, located just north of St. Paul, Minnesota, which is a wildlife game preserve set up in the early 1930's by the James J. Hill family,  of the Great Northern Railroad.  Here she spent much of her childhood learning to appreciate and respect God's wonderful creation, while enjoying the beautiful lakes and abundant wildlife prevalent to the area.  Later in college, she pursued a degree in graphic art and design and after graduating, worked as a commercial artist in the printing industry.  In 1998, Debra moved to Colorado to pursue a fine art career in painting the western landscape and the abundunt wildlife prevalent to the rocky mountain area.  
Greatly influenced by master painters such as Carl Rungius, Edgar Payne, Clyde Aspevig, and Francis L. Jacques, Debra spends the majority of her time working in the field painting directly from nature.  She travels extensively throughout the continental United States and western Canada and Europe in search of new and exciting painting subjects.  It has been said in order to be a successful artist, one should paint what one loves and knows best and paint it from one's heart.  Debra loves animals and the beautiful world that they live in and she enjoys spending time in the field observing the wildlife and landscape that she loves to paint.   Debra feels that it is important and necessary to understand and portray the wildlife in their natural habitat.  That is why she spends time in the field not only photographing and painting wildlife, but also painting the landscape en plein air in the hopes of producing a painting that is  not only beatiful, but also believable.
In the spring of 2009, Debra relocated her home and studio [...]

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