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Relationships are what Debra J. Marvin’s artwork is all about. Deb specializes in pet portraits, and her clients often comment on how well she captures each animal’s attitude towards its human, along with the personality and physical traits. But Deb has an even more powerful ability to invite us into a new relationship with her subjects and with the natural world around us through her art. People are drawn to her work because it transcends from the mundane to the spiritual, presenting each subject with a true and loving spirit energy.
Deb’s twin passions for animals and art showed up early in life. She was the kind of girl who would spend as much time outdoors as she could, who would adopt all the stray kittens that crossed her path, and who nursed ailing birds back to health. Her love of art was just as strong, and she was fortunate to have encouraging art teachers throughout her early education. For Deb, drawing and painting allowed her to study nature intensely, observing closely to discover “how things worked,” much like her artistic heroes Leonardo da Vinci and Georgia O’Keefe. While she may not have had the words to express it at the time, her instincts told her that it is our privilege and our responsibility to care for the planet and all its creatures, and that art could be a bridge helping people to reconnect with the beauty of nature and the desire to be good stewards of the earth.
Although Deb had an abundance of natural artistic talent, she was a little lacking in confidence, which meant she entered her first life drawing class at the Community College of Vermont feeling fairly intimidated by the environment. Much to her surprise, both the instructor and her fellow students were impressed with her drawing skills. [...]

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