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As a very young child, I loved art as most children do. However, it was the sciences that stole my heart, and I pursued a career as a physician. Interestingly, during medical school, I choose to specialize in Diagnostic Radiology. As a Diagnostic Radiologist one must narrow the radiographic findings down to a specific diagnosis. It requires pattern recognition, and acute visual scanning to identify abnormalities, as well as a detailed understanding of anatomy of the human form. I was drawn to this specialty and I believe that it has had a significant impact in my artist work.
I have always had the need for a creative outlet. When I retired as a physician, I began spending much of my free time in creative pursuits, especially photography. As I developed my skills as a photographer, I found myself wanting to create specific images, and I would think, “if only I could paint this”. Never having taken any art or painting classes, the thought did not go anywhere. 
However, an unexpected life event sent me directly to painting. I received the news that my sister had Stage 4 cancer and it hit me like a truck. I was stunned, shocked, and found myself unable to function. All I could think about was picking up a paintbrush and painting. That very weekend, I did exactly that. Without any former classes, I started painting. It was therapy for me, and all I wanted was to paint the female figure. I was drawn to strong female forms like dancers, and swimmers, and portraits of beautiful women. As I painted these images, I healed and fell in love with painting. I was hooked, and now I wanted to master this skill. I started taking local art classes and learning everything I could from online videos, books and workshops.  
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