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  • Price Range: $75.00 - $875.00
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Debora Wilson grew up in a very creative family and was able to pursue her artistic talents while taking up watercolor painting with her ailing best friend.  Having this experience , as hard as it was, helped her focus on what she loves the best.   Studying under renowned artist, Richard Brogan, Debora developed the ability to capture the unique detail necessary to express the personality, character, and likeness of each subject she paints. Further, she graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Denver, Colorado, which helped her expanded her talents to oil painting, decorative painting and wall murals.
Debora moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to continue pursuing her many creative talents... all while continuing her artistic abilities as an Aesthetician and with restaurant inter-workings.  These opportunities give her endless avenues to express and use her creativity in all areas of her life.   
“My greatest reward is using my creative talents to help depict the emotion and special connection that a person wishes to bring into their life through a special keepsake.”
Contact Debora Wilson at [email protected] or 720-290-1912

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