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Working in an abstract world, I often think of this quote... It makes me smile inside!
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." -Mark Twain 


Art that triggers emotion and has a little mystery is a treasure.
It’s a personal message from the artist to the art lover…the magic is…the message doesn’t have to be the same for those involved!
That’s the passion that drives me; the thrill of the connection, unlocking of the mystery.
I’m Deb Wright and I create using my personal formula - Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Heart.
Using both hands equally, letting my heart guide me, time stands still, day dreams appear. Favorite colors find there way to my painting palette; blending, mingling, bonding to canvas. 
Living in the beautiful mountains of northern California, nature has inspired my life and influences my art. I'm attracted to bold, rich colors and interesting textures; working with textiles, mixed media and acrylics are a favorite. My work is abstract, non-objective and organic in style, as my approach is intuitive, loose and unstructured.

Mixed Media Artist, Visionary, Jug Band Lover, Junk Hunter, Boot Wearer, Maker & Seller Of Fab Stuff
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