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The Artist Says:

life is an art form in and of itself and painting to me is a wonderful  way to reflect that very gift of life and it' multi-fauceted form! Always on a quest to capture that reflection of what I see and what I feel. Always on a journey, seeking ways of expression and recording my love of  life through brush and paint! 
Deborah Bauer Wilcox

Collectors Say:


   (a segment of a letter)...I had the opportunity to view Deborah's portfolio of some of her artistic works. I liked them very much, and asked Deborah if she could produce a large painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for our parish. She did. It turned out to be exquisite!   Thereupon I asked her to paint a companion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She undertook the project and produced a very lovely painting of the the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have received many very fine comments about the two paintings. We are very honored that we have these two magnificent paintings in our church.   During this process, I came to know Deborah quite well. She is an outstanding artist, and a person of excellent character. She has exemplified her ability as a superb artist who takes her art very seriously, honors her contracts, and produces exquisite works of art in a timely manner. She is considerate, kind, and friendly in her relationship with the customer, and meets challenges with a very positive attitude. She has already recieved prominence in her very fine talent, and I truly believe she will go on to receive even greater distinction in her artistic craft. It is my priveledge to recommend Deborah Bauer Wilcox and her exemplary talent to you.Respectfully yours in Christ,Rev. Augustine J. Moore,  Ph.DPastorSacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Espanola, New Mexico

Other Artists Say:

Beautiful paintings, Deborah !
Ned(Ned Bittinger -Santa Fe -Professional Portrait Artist)


Destiny played her hand early as Deborah has been painting since the age of ten. Following her heart for her entire life. 
She has many collectors, has shown in numerous galleries, shows and exhibits.
Recently retireing from in person teaching, she now has oil painting video demonstrations on her YouTube channel

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