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Searching for a touch of humanity and an unstaged gesture, Wicks finds an inner light unique to every figurative or landscape subject. 
She explains, "Although there is always some element of myself in my painting, current works feel even more intentionally personal. I am reminded daily to enjoy life as it is and this realization has saturated my work.  My Keeping Memories Green series finds me revisiting old and new photographs as a way of reaching back to moments that matter."
Her fascination with loose, abstract brushwork and experimental painting techniques comes with a desire to emulate oil paint with benefit of watercolor's transparent fluidity. In a constant quest to push new boundaries, mediums are boldly brushed, smudged and scraped to energize and add texture, layer upon layer. The risk-taking results are dynamic and alive, credited to "no rules, just feeling".
Her journey from food to fine art has been personally-crafted. With an MBA and career in hotel/restaurant management and marketing, Wicks fed her inner artist surrounded by culinary and design genius, and patrons looking for creative dining experiences. A central Pennsylvania native and Penn State alumna, her home studio is in Venice, Florida. She is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society.

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