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 'I dreamed of being an artist,but life lead me on a differentJourney. I was a wife,mother, and bread winner. For 50 yearsI buried my dream. In 2003 I picked up a brush, addedcolor and water, and releasedmy soul across the paper."-debo                                      Deborah Vandenbloomer-(debo) is a self taught watermedia artist  born and raised                in the Midwest. . Since she began her painting career in 2003,              she has studied with prominent artist from around the country." I love learning a new technique,            pouring, splashing, charging colors ,working wet into wet, letting the colors take on a life of            their own. " Debo is always looking for the next challenge to create art that is purposeful, yet           spontaneous.                             Debo's award winning art  has been juried into many fine art exhibits on the local, state and international          level. "Over the years my technique and subject matter has changed, but my passion to create something new and exciting
         has remained the same, the unexpected is entertaining and leads me to the next possibility".

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