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  • FASO Artist Website: http://deborahtilby.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • painter of landscape, seascape and streetscenes.

  • predominately an oil painter but also worked in watercolour for 35 years

  • work is representational in a painterly impressionistic style

  • Price Range: $650.00 - $4,000.00

The Artist Says:

I am a representational painter whose work is considered ‘painterly’.  Most often I am attracted first by the light and shadows, then by textures and detail; my struggle is to find a balance between the two.  It is something I am always working towards, always seeking to ‘loosen up’ yet still capture some of the detail that interests me.  Though, having said that, each painting, each subject, asks for its own approach and treatment.  Some are looser and more impressionistic.  Perhaps this is the way it needs to be. 
I was eighteen when I did my first painting, a watercolour, and I was hooked and watercolour captivated me for the next 25 years.  I lived in England for part of that time where I was passionate about painting European street scenes with the textures and subtle colours of old stone and brick and the narrow streets offering interesting perspectives.
I now live on the west coast of British Columbia and have been working in oil for many years. I still paint buildings and streets but also explore the local landscape and get out to the many beaches, finding inspiration in boats, marinas and the sea.
I am passionate about my work, I truly love it and paint daily both in the studio and in the field.  Painting is a challenge but always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.

Collectors Say:

   I first came across your work at the Avenue Gallery several years ago during a brief visit to Victoria.   Along the River Trail  was hanging on their wall and I  was struck by the movement and reflection in the water and how I was drawn into the painting.  In any event, I  purchased it and thoroughly enjoy it.          Robert Stewart     Winnipeg, Manitoba  
I have collected Deborah Tilby's work for a number of years and now own eleven of her oils and watercolours. There are many people who are driven to paint, but there are few artists who have the talent, training and vision to translate this into memorable art. Her mastery of light and the medium put her in the ranks of the great painters of the past, where brush and the paint become mere intermediaries between the eye and the canvas. It is immediately obvious when facing her paintings that we are seeing not only  skill, but a passion for translating vision into art. Eminently collectible, her paintings will stand not only the test of time but will rise above the great masses of indifferent contemporary art. She is truly a great and largely undiscovered Canadian talent.”
David Wynne
President and CEO at Greentech Asia Pte Ltd

Deborah Tilby is one of my favourite painters. She has wonderful control of paint and colour. I own and enjoy both a landscape and seascape painting; they are so full of energy and interest.  
Gerry Vaulkhard  Victoria, B.C. 


Deborah Tilby SFCA, OPAM
I am delighted that you have taken the time to learn more about me and my work.  I am often asked why it is that painting has been my passion for so long.
I know it is light and shadow that initially draws me to a subject; the challenge of capturing the mood, time of day, and season in a representational yet loose way is what keeps me coming back to the easel. My aim, whether it be in the studio or in the field, is to use colour as I see it, with a particular fondness for neutrals and earth colours, soft violets, rusts, and greens. The way the paint goes on is equally as important as what I mix on the palette; my intention is to indicate and represent, without becoming bogged down in the minutiae.
Weathered boats, rusty mailboxes, old brick and textured stone, crashing waves and trees in every season, all afford me the opportunity to explore my interpretation of textures with both brush and knife work.
 Accomplishing what I intend never ceases to be difficult, fascinating, and deeply fulfilling. It keeps me painting almost daily! 
Painting began for me with my first watercolour at age eighteen. I love watercolour and it held my interest for many many years, before I picked up oils. I am Canadian but, for fourteen years, England was home and European street scenes and landscapes were my subject. A move to the west coast of British Columbia turned my attention towards the beaches, boats, waves, and marinas of coastal living. Not entirely committed to trading Europe for Canada, I have travelled between the two, keeping my perspective fresh and allowing my work to straddle both continents. While my subjects oscillate across geographical borders, I now stick to oils most of the time, only [...]

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