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As an Artist I am drawn to the characters, animals and scenery of the west and look forward to painting them through out my career. I have been portraying this western lifestyle for many years. I  enjoy painting with strong bold colors and using dramatic lighting to draw attention to these magnificent characters and landscapes.  The stories behind my art work are important.  Some are taken from history using black and white photos.  Many are personal experiences from today.  There is often a great subject just around the corner, if we just open our eyes to see.
 The drama and joy of this life is an honor to depict and helps my artwork to visually speak to all the viewers that want to listen. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share the love of the west and painting by showing my work.  I enjoy the process of experimenting with my painting and learning from others, there is always more to learn. My passion for painting has become a large and rewarding part of my life today.    
Deborah Shurtleff
“If a voice within you says, you cannot paint, then by all means paint
 and that voice will be silenced.”
Vincent Van Gogh
Credits are given to photobyjessie for references captured on film during her outdoor adventures. Thanks daughter! Also samijophotography. Thanks daughter-in-law! 

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