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Following a lifelong passion for art, Deborah N. Sessel has entered the art world with emotion and creativity. Applying an incredible attention to detail, her works combine trompe l’oeil, still life and impressionistic styles. She offers her audience a glimpse into her soul that is often enhanced by the selection of tattered and worn “props” within carefully orchestrated compositions.

While she often portrays the horrors of the Holocaust tragedy intertwined with the spark of eternal faith, her paintings provide a realism that begs a closer look. In contast, her landscapes portray the beauty that surrounds us in ways that offer introspection and peace.

Deborah received The Jay Verbuitis Award for Excellence in the Field of Fine Arts at Paier College of Art (www.paiercollegeofart.edu) where she graduated from in 2007 with a certificate in Sharp Focus/Trome L'oeil. While at Paier, she has worked under notable painter Robert Zappalorti (www.cavaliergalleries.com).  In 1987 she graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Her portfolio includes watercolor, field sketching, drafting and plein air pieces.

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