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In my art, my goal is to depict life as I see it. I have enjoyed making art most of my life, from the age of five years old. This came about when I witnessed my older cousins drawing and coloring cartoons. In every area of my life I attempt to tap into the creative spirit in me by designing, arranging and creating.
I developed my love for watercolor painting which has become my preferred medium. I also enjoy working in pastels, pen and ink, color pencil and graphite drawing.
The art that I create are often of scenarios in that are endearing to me. I am intrigued by and seek to recreate what I observe in a certain look, a laugh or a mood created by an emotion. My subject matter consists of the people in their day to day life as well as portraits, animals, landscapes and still-life.
My goal in making art is to add some enlightenment to the people who view it. I am happiest when it evokes some type of feeling or emotion in the viewer. 

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