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My paintings usually start with an emotional reaction to an image. I may find the subject meaningful, interesting, whimsical or humorous. The intent is to capture that image. My art represents a lifetime of experience from my past, combined with the adventures of today. I seek to express emotions and special moments in life with a sprinkle of nature. The subject matter in my portfolio is about seizing that special moment in time, a daily routine or a scene which comments on human nature. Having engaged subjects as diverse as portraits of people and animals, landscapes and abstracts, I am often told my paintings capture the essence of the subject matter. Playfulness, simplicity and tranquility are my primary goals.
I constantly experiment with different styles, then move through the process in order to continue to learn and advance as an artist. Art is the compilation of my personal feelings, the subject that initially inspired me and finally my materials and techniques. The changing light of day, the color, the shapes and the mood it creates are the foundation of my love of plein air painting, French for "in the open air”. Whether in Catalina, France, Texas or Italy, I am drawn to this medium as it both liberating and challenging as I must capture a moment in time which is fleeting and elusive.
As a native Texan armed with a business degree, I initially pursued the corporate world; relocating first to California then to Florida. Upon returning home to Austin, I reevaluated my life’s plans and goals. While searching for my own personal dream, I expanded my artistic education. I discovered, once exposed to painting, I was passionate to develop myself as an artist with an exclusivity to oil painting. I think I have been an artist since my earliest memories [...]

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