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  Wildlife artist, Deborah Liszt began her professional career in 1977. She is self taught in the very unique and challenging art medium called scratchboard. 
  After moving from Indiana to Scottsdale Arizona with her family in 1959, she was given the rewarding opportunity to help at a neighborhood boarding ranch for horses. Working with animals and always drawing throughout her childhood, gave her the insight and sensitivity that would later contribute to the creative process.   "At the time that I discovered scratchboard art, I was working with pen and ink and pencil. Because of the dimensional and textural effects achieved with this medium, I felt that it would be a much more realistic approach with the subject of animals."   "Some of the challenges that I encounter as a scratchboard artist are time, patience, and the accuracy involved to complete a piece. When I am exhibiting my work, most of the viewers aren't familiar with the medium so I explain in great detail all that is involved to create in this incredible art form."  "Capturing wildlife images in scratchboard has given me the ability to achieve textural and dimensional effects that reveal the essence and the spirit portrayed in each animal."   "Wildlife conservation has been an issue of great importance to me for many years. Through donating my work to various wildlife conservation and animal shelter fundraisers, including the "Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society" and "Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Educational Foundation",  I am able to honor them even further."   "In the darkness I create...a line at a time to celebrate, the beautiful animals that should always be respected and never neglected."   Deborah Liszt                                                                STUDIO:  480/991-6114                                                                         P.O Box 5207                                                                     Scottsdale, AZ 85261                                                                                                                                    

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