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 B. 1949  Currently lives in Butte Montana with husband Lee.  Educated: San Diego State University                 Otis Art Institute, California                  UCLA extension                  North Florida University
As far back as I can remember I've always had a brush in hand and been drawn to the possibilities of art.  As a young artist my work was primarily portraiture, and I began doing portrait commissions when I lived on the east coast the the 1980's.  I love portraiture to this day - there is a simple truth to the old adage, 'The eyes have it.'
I have moved around a lot in my adult life; Europe, the east and south coasts, all over California where I grew up, and the Hill Country of Texas.  It was in the Hill Country around 2oo6 that I began doing gallery work, and naturally enough, an artist always needs to find styles and subject matter that will sell in the a given area.  I found that Native American Indians, horses and longhorn did very well there, and I became known for these subjects in many galleries in Texas.  However I prefer not to be simply defined as a 'contemporary western' artist - many of these works reach beyond such categorization by featuring bold brushstrokes, colorful patterns and a certain depth of luminosity.
More recently I have returned to Impressionistic landscapes which I studied in early 2000 with a teacher from the school of Hawthorne.  This style - done with a palette knife - really allows me to express my love as a colorist.
While I have taught art - both privately and at schools - since the 80's, I now prefer just to paint for galleries and am presently in 'Slate Gray Gallery' (which I helped start in Kerrville, TX and Telluride, CO) the 'Koch Gallery' in Fredericksburg, TX and [...]

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