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The Artist Says:

" I am inspired each day by painting from the beauty of life.  I love the variety of subject matter and capturing that moment in oil paintings.  From portraiture and figurative works to plein air landscape painting and energetic still lifes, the combination of working form life as well as mastering different subjects and disciplines of art greatly contributes to being a successful artist."  


Collectors Say:

"What struck me the most is your willingness to listen to my suggested edits to your work.  Your invitation to view the portraits over a couple of months and then bring them back for minor edits was very comforting as a customer.  You show real humility in your craft".
Paul Lutmer

Other Artists Say:

"I have learned more from you in one class than all of my years of being an artist."
(Diane, a student)


What does your heart yearn for? A moment of healing calm to rest in? A scene so beautiful that it feeds your soul? This is what you’ll find in the artwork of Cincinnati-based artist Deborah Ridgley.
Best known for her alla prima figurative paintings and commissioned portraits, Deborah also enjoys painting still lifes and landscapes. In her skilled hands, these diverse subjects share distinctive stylistic traits—a lyricism of line, dramatic lighting, a sense of air and atmosphere, expressive brushwork, and above all, an engaging story. Deborah’s paintings share a common purpose as well. Says the artist, “When I can lift the spirits of a viewer, or help someone rediscover wonder, or turn someone’s attention to the ultimate Creator of the beauty in this world, then I feel successful.”
Dedicated to a lifetime of learning in art, Deborah graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and has since studied privately with three living masters, Jeffrey Watts, Dan Gerhartz, and the late Daniel Greene.  In gratitude, Deborah now passes on the legacy of fine painting traditions by coordinating the "Open Model Sketch Group" at the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati, the longest running women’s art club in the U.S., where she also maintains a studio. She is a Founding Member and active participant in the prestigious Portrait Society of America. Deborah notes, however, that her favorite project in recent years has been her involvement in Portraits of a Soul, for which she creates portraits of children who have cranial-facial deformities. “The purpose of the project is to raise the self-esteem of the children as they are presented with an original portrait to own and to remind them daily that they are beautiful,” she says.
Deborah Ridgley’s paintings can be found in private art collections throughout Cincinnati and the Midwest, and in such corporate collections as Cincinnati [...]

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