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Artistic Statement:
Using a Palette Knife to apply her Oils to canvas, or a brush to apply Watercolor to Paper, Flood's work examines the spiritual ancestry of life.
The work reveals the connections between Humans, Animals, Mother Nature and her own experiences of having lived on a horse farm, in rural coastal Maine.
It hints upon unexplained phenomenon, rituals, and an unspoken dimension within the universe.

Flood’s Artistic Journey began early for her.
Born in 1962, in Belfast, Maine, she lived on a horse farm. Her life was surrounded by horses, dogs, and art.
The family has been sprinkled with Artists and Seamstresses, Furniture Makers, and Engineering Inventors.
As a teen, she worked commission paintings for neighbors and friends. Painting Homesteads, along with Horse and Dog Portraits.
Flood received Diplomas from the Kachina School of Art, Phoenix, Arizona, 1983 for Landscape in Oils, and 1984 Portrait and Figure in Oils.
She went on to take Workshops through the Farnsworth Art Museum, Watercolor with Carol Sebold and Watercolor with Maude Olson. And studying on her own.
For many years Flood created  watercolor, pastels, and oils of wildlife and coastal scenes. She took up a few jobs, cooking in a restaurant, and eventually going into retail, grocery store.
She still created and sold art part time, and began to attend sidewalk art festivals, and joined a wildlife woodcarvers’ organization. At that time, mid 1980’s she helped to found a local Woodcarvers and Artists Association, The Penobscot Bay Carvers and Artists Association. That organization is still going strong today. Through the Woodcarvers networking, she was picked up by the Duck Trap Decoys gallery in Lincolnville, Maine, and still remains with that Gallery today.  
In the late 1980’s and early '90's Flood continued attending sidewalk art festivals, selling horse, wildlife and coastal watercolors and oils.  She also attended Horse Shows with her booth. The booth shows [...]

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