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The Artist Says:

It´s a joy to paint in this corner of the world - well worth the effort, in spite of the windy and rainy climate! 

Collectors Say:

She captures the unique "Danishness" of the local landscape. (By arrangers of the 2015 Fall juried art show, Kunstforeningen Limfjorden at Gimsinghoved Art Center, Struer, Denmark.)

Other Artists Say:

"Your paintings vibrate with life"   (E.H.)


(Dansk tekst længere ned efter den engelske!)

Deborah paints Denmark´s unique landscape and architecture.  She is an American who has lived many years in Scandinavia, first in  Norway, and now in Denmark. Her art education consists of a U.S. college B.A. in Fine Arts with additional private instruction in classical and plein air painting.
She has lived up on the far northwest edge of Denmark, the region called Thy, between the wild western sea coast and the calmer Limfjord waterway for 17 years. Now sthe family  is living in the opposite corner, in a village, Mjang, on the island of Als, not far from Sønderborg.
The variety of landscape, coastline, sea and fjords in both regions present a constant source of inspiration. Denmark has enchanting long summer days with "light nights". The streets of Copenhagen with it´s relaxed city atmosphere are also an appealing place to paint.
Pastel appeals to her with its sensitive touch and capacity for both drawing and painterly effects. Vibrating surfaces emerge from intermingled dabs of color in successive layers. She completes the outdoor paintings on location, occasionally working two sessions on the same motif. Most often, the painting is finished in one session.
In the winter months, or bad weather days, she explores Denmark inside. Artifacts gathered from Danish culture - often retro and antique elements - are brought together in carefully composed still life paintings. Each has a story, sometimes only subtly, and often there are echoes of that great Danish storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen. She, like Andersen, loves  and giving objects a voice and new life.
Awards & exhibits:
 -  IAPS (Int´l Ass´n of Pastel Societies) Thirty-Second Juried Exhibition The 2018 Tacoma Show, American Art Company, Tacoma, WA,           March - April 2018, "Windmill, cloudy day"
 -  Juried Associate member, 2017: Pastel Society of America
 -  Pastel Guild of Europe Get Dusty monthly competition: First [...]

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