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artist, Deb Kirkeeide, delights in fulfilling a deep desire to fill the world with beautiful things.With rich expressive brushwork, and a poetic use of color, she paints the sources of joy that enrich her life, and finds her creative inspiration in nature, stories and exploring the world around her.
Her years of experience as an illustrator and designer are evident in her color choices and compositions and it is only in recent years that she has come to fine art. When she headed west for a plein air workshop in the mountains of Wyoming, she experienced an artistic and personal epiphany that awakened a long buried passion for painting and nature. Committed to this passion ever since, she strives to paint everyday and is a very happy person as a result.
"I find inspiration in the graceful curve of a branch, the shimmer of color and light upon a bird's wing, a flower dancing on the wind – each whispers of stories and moments wanting to be shared. My art is the expression of the sense of joy that nature brings to me. I offer my art as a place to rest, discover its delights and to celebrate its beauty. "   ~ Deb [...]

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