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Debi thanks GOD everyday for her God given talents, with these Blessings,
She continues to work diligently as an Artist giving Praise and
Adoration To GOD . 

 Artist Statement : 

Within each piece of Artwork that I create, there is an expression of feeling that I wish to convey: a mood, a message, a symbolic reference.
My figurative oil paintings are influenced by my intense study and admiration of Baroque and Renaissance Art, and Artists, including Albrecht Durer, Caravaggio, Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi.   That regard is reflected in my painting style, which is predominately Classical Realism.
I often use rich dark backgrounds to help set the stage for the jewel like colors that I choose for the fabrics or objects in my paintings, these elements add to the effect of the Baroque Chiaroscuro. Depending on the subject matter that I wish to depict, my painting style also leans toward Tonalism, especially in my landscapes, and Impressionism for my florals.
A consistent theme in my work revolves around the search for self discovery and the Revelation of Salvation that is a desire of all mankind.
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