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I started silk painting in 2008. As a parent volunteer in my childrenís classrooms, I was searching for a medium I could teach, and the students would be proud to share. I wanted something that wouldnít end up in the garbage wince they took it home. I ended up loving silk painting it became my primary medium.


In 2008 Debbi Sigg found herself wanting to give elementary students art experiences they would cherish. Believing that quality materials are key to creating pieces of art with high success and pride, silk painting was a perfect project.
Soon Debbi began giving her own silk paintings to a number of charities for auctions. She became a member of Silk Painters International and the Utah Surface Design Group. She has studied under many master silk artists.
For her personal artistic process, each of Debbi's silk paintings begins with hours of research into the subject matter and the creation of a unique composition. She relies on years of practice and a toolbox of acquired techniques to create her art.
In 2008, Debbi began a similar journey into the exploration of encaustic painting. She finds both mediums challenging with seemingly limitless possibilities and strives to highlight the intricacies of both silk painting and encaustic art in her works.
Debbi teachers local silk painting workshops to all ages and has exhibited her work throughout Utah. She was raised in New Mexico and has lived in Colorado, Oregon, Ohio, and Utah. She holds two Bachelor's degrees from Oregon State University.

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