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"The Floppy Flower" was my first prize-winning painting at the early age of 6, earning me recognition from my teachers and solidifying my love of all things creative. I, of course could not just use one color for my flower, but used many, making it as colorful and bright as I could. That trend of using color has obviously stayed with me through the years. What can I say? I am a sucker for how color makes me feel, alive and joyful. For instance, when I see paintings by Van Gogh, I am immediately whisked away to a peaceful place in my soul where it is all "well." As a nod to my wondrous childhood and my first love of art, I will often insert a floppy flower somewhere inconspicuously to some of my abstract works to memorialize the wonder of exploration and remind myself to stay true to what makes me "me" and that all things are possible.
Even at this early stage, I was so fascinated with color, texture, and trying new things. I would literally spend hours in my garage as a child using my "Super Elastic Bubble Plastic Maker", blowing liquid plastic through a straw to make beautiful creations of color that would meld together in all sorts of varying patterns. As if that wasn't enough, I could then shape the bubbles into objects of my imagination; the toy of all toys for the creative kid! Even with its toxic smell, it was like heaven every time I made a new masterpiece. 
As life would have it, I graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy. After a successful career and raising two daughters, I decided to turn my attention to my first love and pursued all avenues of learning from local and international artists to master the fundamentals of [...]

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