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The Artist Says:

I have always been inspired by Mother Nature---the pull of the ocean, the magnetism of the earth, the beauty of butterflies and the ethereal feel that fantasy images create.
Recently I’ve developed a fascination for the elements of technology--colorful & intricate designs of the hardware; mother boards, motor coils  and laser pick ups. The art  behind these  every day tools, and the people who make them strengthen my connection between these seemingly disparate entities. .
I use objects from the past and present to showcase the  beauty of nature and technology.  Globes play an important role in my work and I quite often use them alongside antique car ornaments, vintage wind up toys, seashells & seed casings, CD Laser pick ups and servo motors.  Together, these elements create whimisical, mystical paintings that invite the viewer to explore technology and nature in a symbiotic relationship


About the Artist
I’m a beach girl.  When I was little I would sit alone on the dunes and think that the crashing waves were “Mother Natures Heartbeat”.  I  remember how motivated  I was to create art after an exquisite performance by lightning or watching the delicate but powerful dance of a butterfly…
After a charmed 15 year career as a fashion jewelry designer, I took time off to raise my son.  The urge to create beckoned and I was back to college for landscape design and a new career.  While working in the gardens, I found myself being pulled back to my roots as a sculptor, painter and again, my 1st love, jewelry design...Bold forms, sensual pearls and statements about womanhood. My latest collection is called "Pearls of Wisdom" because thats what we women speak...sometimes ! I love working with hot glass as well , so strong (Pyrex crystal) so Fragile .Reflective of light and soft of form , for me a very perfect material.  You will be seeing that in next seasons collection
Educational & Career Background….
Late 1970’s
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
California College of the Arts, Berkley, Ca. Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts.  Metal major under Florence Resnikoff, Glass minor under Marvin Lipofsky
Master Goldsmith Ellen Broker & Master Silversmith Hans Christensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mid ‘80’s to early ‘90’s
Sole proprietor of Debbie Lee Ridge Designs.  High-end sterling & Glass fashion jewelry.  Retailers such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom.  Featured in publications such as New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar.
Mid ‘90’s to 2005
Stay at home Mom and playing in the garden
2005- Back to School- Palm Beach Community College Landscape Design & Construction
2007-Formed Earth Wind & Flowers Landscape Design & Installation
2009 to present-Debbie Lee Mostel contemporary fine Art And Jewelry

Palm Beach Fine Craft 2016,2017,2018, 2019, 2020   
 American Crafts Council  Show in Atlanta 2018    
 International Kinetic Art [...]

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