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Debbie was born in the rural Midwest, and from the time she could walk, she loved being around and surrounding herself with the textures, light, freedom, and moods of vast landscapes. She spent a good portion of her childhood exploring, relaxing, driving through, and just interacting with the environment around her.  Playing with both film and different mediums to try to understand how light and texture influenced the viewer into certain moods, or how they created depth within the work itself. She had a natural affinity for color and space, and it was represented in many themes from colorful crayon drawing to doodles in school. 
We all get asked that question when we are young, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’  For her it has always been an artist.  She had such a dream of going to the Art Institute in Chicago, but just couldn’t wait to learn.  She has instead taken a brilliantly eclectic path of classes, and one-on-one instruction from very talented artists.  It was important to her as time went on that the content, or the artist themselves spoke to her.  She wanted to learn the techniques that she could see influencing her visions to become reality in whatever medium she was working in.  This path hasn’t ended and may never end for her.  She will forever want to achieve more, and want to capture more, and grow as an artist.
As adults we find ourselves in such a fast paced, very demanding environment. Her art is her way to lose herself and bring back the moments of peace, contentment, and all the emotions she feels or felt from her rural surroundings.  She wants the viewer of each piece of art to be able to lose themselves in the emotion, the scene, or whatever she has created.  [...]

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