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Debbie Barnett grew up in the west central mountains of Idaho on a cattle ranch that she and her husband still run with registered Black Angus cattle. She is a third generation rancher and purchased her first bovine when she was just 10 years old.  Over the years she has raised Quarter Horses, Australian Shepherd dogs, sheep, chickens and cats too. She loves the animals and the ranch and also the wildlife. Over the years she has delivered many bulls to neighboring ranches and on these trips she began noticing how the ranching industry has changed with fewer and fewer families still in business. Homestead were empty and buildings falling down. The city was moving into the country and it made her realize that it was important to record this unique lifestyle before it was gone forever.
All subjects are fair game and the choices are endless. When she paints for a customer, it might be a favorite view  or a favorite horse, dog or even a child. It might be a favorite old tractor or pickup. Sometimes it is the small ordinary things that trigger the memories and emotions for many people, she said. When she picks her subjects it might be a friends granddaughter (The Evening Walk) who was at the age of 4 becoming a formidable cowgirl in the true sense of the word as she leads her calf to the barn everyday to give it a bath and grooming. Or maybe it's the calf that is so fascinated with a cat or the pesky raccoons that keep getting into the cattle feed. There is never a lack of interesting things happening on a daily basis. Animals and their antics are a continuous amusement worth recording. 
Like many artists, her interest in art started early in life.  The work of [...]

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