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Raised in a creative environment, my desire to study painting came naturally. I observed family members using their hands to create beautiful things or beautiful music. We were always outdoors where I often found myself absorbed in the colors, shapes, and textures found in nature.My experiences as a young girl growing up in a rural area in the North Carolina mountains spark ideas for many of my paintings.
A dedicated artist who enjoys using a variety of media, I have found the most suitable mediums for my work are oil, watercolor, and acrylic. Using a variety of mediums. each having it's own characteristics, allows a variety of skills to be put to use during the creation of my paintings. The choice of medium for a particular painting depends upon the subject matter. Currently, I find myself enjoying acrylics in the creation of abstract work.
I have been told that the colors in my work make people happy. The colors on my palette, the brush strokes, and strong composition are my way of connecting with you on an emotional level.  I hope that as you view my art it has a way of  provoking you to revisit memories thought hidden.
American Impressionists Society
Georgia Watercolor Society
Atlanta Artists Center

Recently I moved into a home with arched doorways that has a bit of a European feel. I felt a need for artwork to compliment it. My dining room décor was a bit challenging, but I remembered that some of Deanna Jaugsetter’s work had an Italian flair. After looking at her artwork, I found an original oil painting that is perfect, Calcatta Afternoon. Deanna captured the essence of this small village of artists, and daily I’m delighted with its beauty.
Nancy Hull
I never started out to collect art. As a matter of fact, I knew very [...]

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