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 Having lived in an environment where there were seamstresses, and musicians , I observed family members working with their hands. I learned a lot about color and texture of fabrics from my Mom who sewed professionally. Breaks from daily work were sprinkled with music coming from the piano, organ, or clarinette. Not to mention, there was always the aroma of a homemade dessert that followed the dinner meal. When I reflect on my youth, I feel creativity was in me from the beginning, nurtured by many others!
A dedicated artist who enjoys using a variety of media, I have found the most suitable mediums for my work are oil, watercolor, and acrylic. I often combine the mediums to create a variety of textures on the canvas or paper. Saturated color juxtaposed with a mix of transparent washes give a sense of depth in my paintings.  My art studio is filled with paints, painting mediums, paper, canvas, a bucket of  brushes and a variety of  everday tools to apply paint.  A lot of love and energy go into my paintings. My intent is to not be casual about my work but to be authentic, to paint the way I view the world.  There is always more to learn about  oneself and about painting and I'm on the path of discovery! I enjoy hearing comments about my work so feel free to do so!
American Impressionists Society
Georgia Watercolor Society
Atlanta Artists Center

Recently I moved into a home with arched doorways that has a bit of a European feel. I felt a need for artwork to compliment it. My dining room décor was a bit challenging, but I remembered that some of Deanna Jaugsetter’s work had an Italian flair. After looking at her artwork, I found an original oil painting that is perfect, Calcatta Afternoon. Deanna [...]

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