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Deanna Atkinson was born June 1, 1972. Deanna grew up inn and around Lampasas, TX where she and her family lived and worked on a cattle and goat ranch. Deanna worked hard fulfilling her various duties as assigned to her as did her brothers and sister. The whole family maintained the ranch as ranch handing became their life style. Rodeo and horses were always a part of the Hyatt family, going back generations. She graduated from Lampasas High School in 1990 and went straight into the 9-5 work world to meet the needs of her family. Now, as she is stable and still residing in Lampasas, Tx Deanna has taken her drawing to the next level. She is an aspiring artist who is a perfect fit for the saying "It's never to late to start following your dreams." She has won a few local shows in her first few years of reviving her drawing ability. Her drawings consist of mostly graphite, whie she is in the immerging stages of her career. As Deanna grows, her art will too. She creates beautiful pieces displaying horses and western inspired art. Horses, drawing and the western way of life hasve always been her love and through her drawings, she can preserve her past for future people to see.

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