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My art: Expressive beauty, individual dignity, luscious textures, and color.
A wry smile, nearly imperceptibly furrowed brow or piercing gaze are examples of subtle expressions that capture the viewer. Small things that make huge differences fascinate me and propel my art.
All people, animals, and yes, even plant life have an innate dignity rooted in a desire to fulfill their nature. Therefore, my subjects are always posed to reflect their life force. I often slightly dramatize their stately poses or natural action-oriented compositions to amplify their loveliness.
Textures and Color
My artistic method is entirely mood driven.  Sometimes, I block in the contours of my subject and then work area by area until the entire work is complete.  Other times, I start abstractly with a playful smear of colors that I mush around with increasing precision until I have a finished rendering.  No matter the approach, I finish with realistically rendered forms contrasted with impressionistic flourishes of lively color, lost and found edges, and yummy paint textures.
The result, I hope, elicits an intuitive, visceral response.  If so, my art will have contributed to making life more dignified and artfully beautiful.  
As an influential instructor once told me (paraphrased), paint each painting as if it’s the one that will change the world. I do.

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