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Having painted since high school, I studied art at McGill and Concordia Universities in Canada, although I was never in a Fine Arts program. During my non-Art career, my creative art outlet included making hand-built pottery, stained glass art and watercolor painting. Since 2010, I have been mentored by and studied with award-winning Canadian and U.S. painters: Trisha Adams, Harold Allanson, Larisa Aukon, Mary Gilkerson, Brent Lynch, Michael O'Toole and Derek Penix. Most recently, I have been inspired by my teachers, John and Elli Milan, at the Milan Art Institute in Arizona. As a dual citizen, I have lived in Canada and the United States. In Canada, I was an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). Living full-time in Prescott, Arizona, I am President of the Mountain Artists Guild, now in its 71st year of operation.


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