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Born at Edwards Air Force Base, California and being raised by an Air Force Test Pilot and a mother who was an Artistic Expressionist  gave Dawn exposure to many different environments and a love for the arts.

She married a man who moved frequently with his job, and along with their love for travel, has led  Dawn to visit many distant places around the world that continue to spark her creative curiosity.

During a stay in Germantown, Tennessee her love of art steered her to become a Docent for the Dixon Gallery and Gardens Museum.  Being inspired by all the impressionists' paintings she started drawing again, which led her to take oil painting classes.  She then enrolled at the University of Memphis to work on a Fine Arts Degree for several years before moving to Indiana.

In 2000, Dawn was approached to do her first Commercial Mural (4ft. x 6ft.) in Chicago, Illinois at a new Diagnostic Clinic and this then led to another commercial mural (5ft. x 6 1/2ft.) in Merrillville, Indiana. She has also done murals in private homes. 

Dawn has continued taking classes at the Palette and Chisel in Chicago, Illinois with William Schneider, Romel de La Torre and Rory Cohen at River East in Chicago.

Her affiliations are with the Chicago Artists Coalition, Chesterton Art Gallery, Southern Shore, South Shore Arts Association in Munster, 18 Artists, and Fine Art America a web based group.
Dawn has also been featured in the yearly publication of International Contemporary Artists, Vol. X.

I am a conservative, wanting to be a liberal.
I am a perfectionist, trying to be loose and free.
I define with crisp lines, but I want to blur.
I am a realist when I want to be quirky.
I envision in my head, then portray it onto a canvas.
I want to paint freely from the visions in [...]

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