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Alberto Moreno Valdés was born in El Paso, Texas on March 28, 1918.  He was the eldest son of the Mexican composer and conductor of the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, Alberto Valdés Sr., who subsequently moved his family to Los Angeles, California in 1925.  Raised in Boyle Heights (east Los Angeles), Alberto started drawing at the age of five.  And...he never stopped.The predominantly Mexican and Italian neighborhood of Boyle Heights exposed Valdés to the vivid colors and pre-Columbian designs that would heavily influence his art in later years.  As a young man, his natural artistic talent bloomed into a career as a commercial artist and illustrator.  After fighting in World War II, commercial art paid the bills while he dedicated himself to studying the unique techniques and styles of the European artists who inspired him.  He was enamored with early primitive African art and masks, revered pre-Columbian sculpture and studied the artists from the school of Bauhaus.  He believed De Vinci to be an alien, Picasso to be a genius (“until the bastard sold out”), Kandinsky to be a prophet and Rufino Tamayo to be the consummate master of color.  He consumed their books, their paintings and their lives and many years later said “through the years of study, they have given me the necessary foundation that I needed.”He painted in the same studio in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles for over 55 years.  He never physically traveled, yet traveled internationally through his subscription to countless art magazines that allowed him the exposure to his contemporaries and their changing styles.  And yet, his paintings never strayed too far from his Mexican roots or the Boyle Heights environment that so heavily influenced him.  In an era when ‘Black Power’ was loudly celebrating their heritage, Alberto was privately painting his abstract Aztec images [...]

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