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I have loved airplanes for as long as  I can remember.    I remember going on a cub scout field trip to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico when I was nine, and was given the opportunity to crawl into the cockpit of a North American F-86 Sabre Jet.  When the pilot put his  helmet on me and closed the canopy,  I was in a special kind of heaven.   Even though I could see people outside,  I enjoyed a special feeling of aloness and quiet that was enhanced by the wonderful exotic cockpit smell of aluminum, electric wiring, paint, oil and probably sweat. 
  The Sabre jet felt like it was alive and seemed aware of my presence.  Sounds weird I know, but it was my first conscious thought of "I love this".    They had to pry me out of that cockpit and as silly as it sounds,  I remember  actually hugging a section of the fuselage  telling the Sabre jet to wait for me,  I'd be back someday.  Hey, I was nine.   I was one lucky kid because I grew up watching USAF F-100's, F-86's and other 1950's jets fly over my little home town of Portales, New Mexico which is nineteen miles from Cannon.  Sonic booms were a common sound, and overall the new jet age was a very exciting time to grow up.    I also loved the magazine ads  that showed colorful,  action  pictures of jet fighters with cars. It's the stuff that dreams are made of.  

     Being a big comic book guy I believe my appreciation for military flight demonstration teams began with The Black Hawks series of comic books.  The Black Hawks flew the Lockheed  F-90 jets while fighting evil.   The way the a/c were all painted the same, along with the team members all wearing the same suits while kicking bad guys butt's really made [...]

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